Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Chicken Rice Ex-press, Singapore

A fast food chicken joint in an old shop house ... you'd be forgiven for thinking that the name of this place sounds more like another regular fast food chicken outlet in similar vain to KFC.

It's clean, airy, and doesn't have that fried chicken odour wafting around the place for a start.  And there's 'alfresco' pavement seating under their big awning.

Chicken Rice Ex-press is self-service, and serves up hainanese and soya chicken with an assortment of other asian dishes.  For $6, you can get their special set which includes chicken, vegetables, soup and a lime juice or barley drink. 

A whole chicken will set you back $25.  Not bad if you can't be bothered to cook at home.  There's char siew or roast pork as well as meat and vegetables with rice on offer. 

The cooked chickens are hung in a glass cabinet with the chef ready to chop the chicken on order.  For those who aren't in-the-know, the pale skinned chicken is hainanese and the dark skinned chicken is soya (soy sauce).

I decided to get a soya chicken breast special set.  It was placed onto a tray fairly quickly and I sat down to eat at the ready.

The chicken was lovely and tender on top of sliced fresh cucumber, the soup was fairly bland though, and the bok choy topped with oyster sauce (which tasted like it had been a little watered down) and fried garlic was a nice addition, if just ever so slightly on the soft side. 

The rice cooked in chicken broth had a subtle flavour and a nice slice of ginger.   

All in all, it wasn't bad considering the price.  I would certainly go back for the chicken, give or take the soup and bok choy.

For $6, it's value for money and I can see why it's popular with the lunch time crowd.

The Chicken Rice Ex-press
107 Killiney Road, Singapore

Tel: +65 6736 1928

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