Friday, August 5, 2011

Boon Tong Kee, Zion Road Riverside Food Centre, Singapore

Hawker food, with alfresco dining by the river and less than a ten minute stroll from where I live, lunch can't get more exciting ....

Zion Road Riverside Food Centre sits across the road from the Great Wall City shopping mall.  It doesn't look like much from the roadside, but it's right by the river and is really quite pleasant looking.

There are a variety of different stalls, selling all sorts of different things.  But it was Boon Tong Kee that caught my eye.  If only because of the neon lit visual 'article clippings' hall of fame that hangs below their signage.  Not being able to read chinese, let alone speak it, unfortunately I couldn't read any of it.

However, the menu is translated into English and the Auntie was very helpful in making sure that I got what I wanted.

I ordered the kway chap, which is a Teochew dish made up of flat rice noodle sheets in a dark soy sauce soup.  It comes with a plate of braised hard-boiled egg, duck meat, beancurd, crispy belly pork, char siew pork and pig intestines covered with a slightly sweet gravy-like sauce.  I decided to forgo the pig intestines as I'm not a big fan of the chewy stuff.  Instead, I asked for extra char siew.

This all cost me the grand total of $3.50.  That would probably only just buy me a cheap, unsatisfying sandwich in the UK.

The rice noodles were silky smooth and the soup had a subtle Chinese herbal flavour.  The various meats were tender and tasty.

Not sure those without a Chinese palate would like or appreciate this dish, but I rather enjoyed it.  Seeing as there are so many other stalls, it's a great place for a casual cheap eat.

Boon Teng Kee
#01-24, Zion Road Riverside Food Centre,  70 Zion Road, Singapore 247792


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