Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pacific BBQ Cafe, Melbourne

I was in the mood for some bbq pork and egg noodles tonight, so what better place to try than the 'Pacific BBQ Cafe' that I had visited for a takeout the other week.  This place was so busy on my previous visit for takeout that I felt compelled to bring my dining companion here to try their bbq pork and roast duck.

We arrived for a fairly early dinner - six o'clock in fact.  It was about half full and we were pointed to a table by the window.  A waiter came over to with two cups of hot tea and utensils on paper napkins. 

Their menu is laid out underneath the clear glass table tops.  It's pretty vast and lists some rather random, somewhat interesting Westernised dishes such as spam and egg sandwich; french toast; fried chips; frankfurter in noodles; diced chicken with corn cream on rice and so on. 

We decided to stick with what this place is most probably known for - bbq and roast meats.  My dining companion chose the 'Mixed roasts (2 meats)' with soup noodles, choosing roast duck and bbq pork.  I also chose the mixed roasts, but with dry egg noodles along with roast chicken and bbq pork.  We also decided to share a plate of greens - 'Water spinach with garlic'.  Yummy!!

Seeing as we had to flag down a waiter by flailing our arms in the air, it was obvious that this would be the only way to catch their attention.

First thing to arrive was the water spinach and it was an unbelievably generous portion.  So generous in fact that we only managed a third of it and had to take the rest home in a takeout box.

The soup noodles with roast duck and bbq pork arrived next.  And what was nice about it was that the meat came on a separate side plate.  Again, a generous portion of noodles with a scattering of pak choy.

I had a little longer to wait for mine.  Not sure why as I was getting pretty much the same but with dry noodles.  When it did arrive, I was ready to eat.  I even got a small bowl of the chicken broth on the side.  The chicken was lovely, juicy and tasty and the bbq pork wasn't too fatty which is just how I like it. 

I can't remember how much the dishes were, but we paid no more than $30.  If you're hungry and you want something quicky, tasty and filling, this place is a good bet.  Don't expect service with a smile though, but do expect to walk out stuffed and hopefully satisfied (like we were).  For a casual Cantonese cafe, it's pretty good.

Pacific BBQ Cafe
213 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000
Tel:+61 (0)3 9663 9288