Saturday, February 27, 2010

Royal Derby Hotel, Melbourne

Having never ventured up to Brunswick Street, except for when I was being driven in a car after a meal in Lygon Street months ago (before I started this blog), I was very excited to be paying an actual proper visit to this part of the city.

The 'Royal Derby Hotel' was my destination tonight and it's on the corner of Brunswick and Alexandra Parade.  It's not a hotel as we English know it, it's a pub.  Not your average sort of a pub though.  It's got a cool vibe and a funky eclectic interior with super comfy chairs, a pool table and lots of seating in the outside decked garden area.

You may think it strange that I went to a pub to eat, but I had heard about their 'Award winning' pizzas and at $6 a pop, well who can say no to that! 

My fellow diners and I arrived to a lively pub with eclectic furniture and decor.  We had a table reserved for our group and were shown to the lovely leather couches by the pool tables. 

We ordered a pizza each and since I can't remember the names of the pizzas, I will say that the ingredients were fresh and tasty.  The pizza bases weren't to my personal preference though.  They were thicker than I like, but this is not to say that everybody would or does like super thin paper crust pizza bases like me!

Have a look for yourself...

At $6 a pizza, I was comfortably full and didn't need anything more.  Now, a thin crust at these lovely individual sizes wouldn't have sufficed seeing as I have a healthy appetite at the best of times. 

There's a gorgeous beer garden at the back to enjoy on warm beautiful evenings.  The dance floor gets busy later on at night.  This place is chilled out enough to enjoy a relaxing drink with friends or a good boogie after a few drinks.

Royal Derby Hotel
446 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, VIC 3065
Tel: +61 (0)3 9417 2321

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