Monday, January 18, 2010

Just Fine Food, Sorrento

Lunch yesterday (Sunday) was another pitstop along our Ocean Road drive in the Mornington Peninsula.  Just Fine Food in Sorrento was bustling and there was an available table outside.

Famous for their Vanilla Slices, I decided that I should try it.  However, a late lunch was the order of the afternoon and therefore my savoury tastebuds needed satisfying first and foremost.

Consisting of mainly sandwiches - focaccia, open (with warning that they are large), toasted etc. The choice was simply immense - if you want a sandwich that is! 

However, seeing as I had already had two huge slices of sourdough in the morning, I was pretty breaded out.  The problem was, there wasn't a huge choice of dishes without bread.  So, I ordered the 'Spinach quiche with salad'.  I'll have fatty buttery pastry instead?!

It came out piping warm and was lovingly light and egg custard like.  It wasn't salty and the pastry was delicious.  For $16 though, I thought it was a little on the pricey side.

My other two companions ordered the 'Ploughmans lunch' - a very substantial chunk of ham; a generous wedge of cheddar; fresh salad including gherkins and picked onions; and a chutney pickle. 

Unfortunately none of us could manage any Vanilla slice.   We were all so full and eating any more would have been far too glutinous for words.  I concluded that I should save my calories for another day.

Still, I believe their Vanilla slices are probably pretty good. But seeing as I didn't try one, I am just going by the faces of all the vanilla slice diners around us - who all seemed to gobble them up quickly.

The deli counters inside displayed lots of various enchanting delights from pork pies to cheeses to vegetarian fritatas.  I imagine Just Fine Food is a good place to stock up on goodies if you are having a picnic on the beach.  This place really does do what it says on the tin.

In terms of service, it wasn't the friendliest and I almost felt like I would be asking too much if I asked for extra hot water for my tea.  Although the young lad clearing tables seemed the most approachable and in my opinion, did a much better job than the rest.  The waitresses just looked too stressed out - the sea air obviously doesn't do much for them.

Just Fine Food
23 Ocean Road, Sorrento, VIC 3942
Tel:  +61 (0)3 5984 4666 

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