Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Workshop-Come-Restaurant-Come-Bar: Iron Fairies, Thong Lor, Bangkok

It's not everyday that one gets to sit in a dungeon-like, fully functioning blacksmith's workshop eating a burger and fries amongst gargoyles and fairies.  But in this crazy city known as Bangkok, one can.  

Enter through a narrow wooden doorway, drape back the black curtain to reveal a dramatic spiral iron staircase that looks as though it might lead up into some sort of enchanted Narnia. 

As your eyes take their time to adjust to the darkness, ambient jazz plays in the background and you will begin to realise that this place is like no other bar and restaurant.  It feels almost mystical, like some kind of secret society meeting chamber. 

Iron Fairies serve burgers and fries, so if you want any other food, I suggest you go looking elsewhere. 

Space is also quite limited, making for a more intimate experience.  I have to say, it is really a rather cool concept in a tiny little space.

There are a few burgers on offer and my dinner companion tonight - an American lady who I will refer to as Fluff - and I decided to choose two to share. 

Fluff being American knows a thing or two about the burger.  It is, afterall, an American institution and (according to Wikipedia) the hamburger appeared on the first printed American menu in 1826 from Delmonico's in New York.

Unfortunately I didn't record the names of any of the burgers on the menu nor the prices.  But from what I recall, they were between 190-230 baht.  Fluff went for a classic burger, and me having been brought up in England, ordered the bacon and egg burger. 

As we sat pondering life in this workshop, the burgers were brought to us on solid wooden chopping boards, held to the board with a big steak knife through the middle of each burger and the burgers themselves held together by two big barbeque sticks.  "Now that is a burger!" exclaimed Fluff.  I had to agree, it was indeed a burger in a bun as I know it.

As Fluff bit into her burger, she exclaimed how she could taste 'beef' ... "which is how a hamburger should be" she said with a look of approval.

As I bit into mine, there was no taste of beef.  I didn't read the description very well as it was simply a 'bacon, egg, lettuce and tomato' burger, (BELT) which was nice enough and is simply a BLT (bacon, lettuce and tomato) and a BET (bacon, egg and tomato) together. 

The bacon was crispy, the lettuce was crunchy, the tomato was a slice of 'beef' tomato and the bread bun was 'bready' ... just like bread from back in the UK.

We also ordered a side of fries which came out piping hot.  Again, as Fluff bit into the first of her fries, she looked over at me and said "You can taste the starch in these fries ... this is what fresh fries should taste like."  I grabbed one and bit into it, it reminded me of my homemade potato wedges (which are always very popular with guests by the way!).

The fries being irregular in shape suggests that they are handcut.  They were crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and non-greasy.

I really didn't have any complaints.  Fluff confessed to preferring her beef burger to my bacon burger.  For me, I liked them both for different reasons.  I can take a burger without the beef, although does that still make it a burger? Or would that just make it a bap sandwich?  I won't get all pendantic about it ....

If you want something different, take a visit to Iron Fairies, have a burger, have a drink and maybe take home a fairy as a souvenir or as a gift.

The Iron Fairies
394 Thonglor Road (Sukhumvit Soi 55), opposite Ton Krueng Thai Restaurant, Bangkok
Tel +66 (0)84 425 8080

Nearest BTS: Phrom Phong, exit 2.  At the bottom of the steps, take a taxi (about 50 baht depending on traffic) or motorsai to turn left into Sukhumvit Soi 55.  Stop just after Thong Lo Soi 12 on the right hand side.  Iron Fairies is just a little past Thong Lo Soi 12.

Daily 6pm-2am

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