Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Middle Eastern Delight: Nadimos, Silom, Bangkok

Hummus, hommus, hommos, homos, humus, hamos - whichever way one spells it -  is an Arabic dip made from cooked chickpeas, mashed and blended together with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic. 

I've eaten this delightful mushy treat in some of the traditional places where it is found, namely Israel, Jordon, Egypt, Morrocco and the Emirates. 

Nadimos is a Lebanese restaurant in Bangkok which has two outlets.  The first (and the original) sits inside the Baan Silom complex.  There is outside seating which makes for lovely alfresco dining with friends or inside seating where the air is cool and patrons have a view of the open kitchen.  There is also an upstairs, so there is plenty of seating.  

Mr. P and MD joined me today for lunch.  We ordered a variety of dishes: 'hommos Beiruti' at 150 baht (as seen in the picture above) 'tabbouleh' at 110 baht, 'spicy potato' at 150 baht, 'musakaa' at 160 baht, the 'shawarme mixed plate' at 240 baht, and some pitta bread for 60 baht.

First, we were served a plate of pickled vegetables with a garlic and a chilli dip.  The pink vegetables are in fact turnip coloured pink with beetroot.  The chilli dip was spicy, REALLY spicy, but thankfully the garlic dip was only mildly garlic.

The tabbouleh salad was a huge bowl of finely chopped fresh parsley, onion and tomatoes, subtly dressed.  Being a Lebanese tabbouleh salad, notice how it is mostly parsley and not bulger wheat ... this was the top contender for Mr P. and MD.

This musakaa differs greatly from the Greek moussaka.  The aubergine (eggplant) was velvety, with no trace of bitterness.  The chickpeas were cooked through and the tomato based sauce wasn't overpowering.  This reminded Mr. P. a little like a French ratatouille.

This shawarma mixed plate is thin slices of cooked lamb and chicken with chopped parsley, tomato and fine slithers of onion.  It comes served with a quartered pitta bread.  We all felt the meat was a tad too dry and would have preferred bigger slices of juicier meat. 

The spicy potatoes were diced golden brown nuggets of delicious starchiness covered in lots of chopped garlic and coriander.  These were my absolute favourite.  I'm a sucker for garlic fries, so these were more than perfect in my eyes.

The hommos was also delightful, not too garlicky, not too lemony, not too chickpea-y.  I've had various different versions of hommos and to be honest, I have never tasted a really bad one out. I say 'out', because having tried making my own a few times, I failed miserably to get it right.  I'm not the only person I know to have failed miserably at their own attempt at making hommos.  My good friend back in the UK also confessed to me that he just couldn't get it right.  Please somebody tell us what we are doing wrong?!

There is no service charge or government tax added to your bill here.  This makes for an even more pleasant experience. 

Nadimos also has another restaurant on Sukhumvit Soi 24, opposite the Davis Hotel.  I haven't been, but if the food is anything like this one, then it's going to be good.

Baan Silom, 651 Silom Soi 19, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
Tel: +66 (0)2 266 9081
Nearest BTS: Chong Nongsi, exit 3.  Get a taxi to take you to Baan Silom (opposite Silom Village) on your left hand-side.
Sala Daeng, exit 2.  Get a taxi to drive straight down Silom Road and get off at Baan Silom on your left hand-side.

Daily 11am-Midnight

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