Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jones The Grocer, Dempsey Hill, Singapore

Part grocer, part cafe, Jones The Grocer provides an almost warehouse size pantry full of delicious looking edible delights as well as cookbooks, teapots and other kitchen paraphernalia.

It's a large modern space with high ceilings and enough room to move between the stocked shelves and tables.  There's a deli counter, a cheese room, a selection of wine, vinegars, homemade pastas, the list goes on.  They also sell gourmet chocolate and I was delighted to find Willie's Chocolate bars for sale here.  I have been wanting to try his chocolate for ages!

Arriving just after 3pm on a Sunday, this place was busy.  All seats were taken inside and as we surveyed the available seating outside, we managed to grab the last two stools.  

That said, the turnover of sitting patrons seemed to be fairly regular in this place.  Plus, we didn't arrive during their peak lunch time which meant that we missed out on the brunch menu.

As we sat patiently waiting for some menus to be brought to us, none came.  So I found myself having to flag down a waiter inside.  Even then, it took a while for them to be brought out.

Service didn't get much better when nobody came to take our order.  Once again, I had to go grab a waiter.

Our drinks did arrive in good time though.  My flat white was smooth and probably a little on the milky side.  It could have passed for a small latte.  The berry iced tea was refreshing and came unsweetened.

We both ordered a pumkin and feta salad, which came in a large bowl.  It was dressed with a plain vinegar olive oil, the feta was certainly on the stingy side, the pumpkin pieces didn't fair much better.  It was a nice enough salad, for what it was that is.  But it really felt as though I was chewing on rocket leaves more than anything else.

The potato wedges on the other hand were mostly lovely.  I say mostly, because the one fattest wedge was still slightly raw in the middle.  Apart from this one minor flaw, these wedges were hot and crispy with a hint of rosemary.  The homemade mayonnaise was a bit bland.  I sometimes make my own and I like to make mine a little tangy.

I really wanted to try their coconut pancakes with mango and vanilla ice-cream, but had no room left.  Check out Coffee With Amee who gave these a 'must-try' thumbs up. She also sampled the brunch, and I have to agree with her 'Strike three'!

Service here really needs to improve.  The staff seem to be run off their feet and are so busy, they don't always catch patrons' attention.  

If you're looking for speciality items that you possibly can't find anywhere else, Jones The Grocer is worth checking out.  Unfortunately I can't comment on their desserts.  Not sure I'd come back especially for brunch and besides, there are so many more places that I'd like to try in Singapore.

Jones The Grocer
9 Dempsey Road, #01-12 Dempsey Hill, Singapore
Tel:  +65 6476 1512 

9am-11pm Daily

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