Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cafe Notturno, Carlton, Melbourne

"Where Friends Meet."

'Where friends meet,' the motto of Cafe Notturno.  It sits in the middle of a busy strip of cafes and restaurants on Lygon Street.  Known as the Little Italy of Melbourne, this bustling part of town was buzzing last night (Saturday).  By buzzing, I mean that it was heaving.  We were lucky to have found a table...

After circling the block a couple of times, we spotted a free parking space a couple of streets away.  As we wandered up Lygon street, we suddenly came across the most deliciously scrummy looking cakes on display.  From tiramisu to chocolate mud cake to strawberry cheesecake; even the most hardened of cake eaters would find it hard to refuse a dessert here at Cafe Notturno.

We sat by the side of the central open bar and looking around us, I saw that there were all sorts here; from students to working professionals, to families with young children.  Everyone seemed to be enjoying a slice of Cafe Notturno cake. 

We took turns to go look at the desserts.  After having made a somewhat difficult, but decidedly chocolate decision, I ordered the Velvet Chocolate cake with ice cream and requested for the cake to be warmed.  I really love the warm/cold contrast.  My companions both orded the Orange Mud Cake - my second choice. 

The Velvet chocolate cake was deliciously light and lip smackingly good.  I think I 'mmm'd' and 'arhh'd' my way through most of it.  It wasn't too sweet which was just right for me.  Although it was so, SO good, I couldn't actually finish it all.  And I promise you it was not for want of trying.  I was truly chocolate cake stuffed!  I think I can say, with sturdy conviction that I have had my fill of cake for the rest of the month and boy, was it worth it...

My companions had the Orange Mud cake with ice cream, which was darker in colour and denser in consistency.  The chocolate filling had melted nicely.  It tasted gorgeously chocolatey orange, but it was contrastingly heavy compared to the Chocolate Velvet cake.  I we all agreed that I had the better of the two cakes, but only just. 

We all enjoyed our dessert here, although none of us could actually polish off our plates.  Cafe Notturno is definitely a great place for cake.  Would I recommend it?  I'll leave that up to you to decide.

Cafe Notturno
179 Lygon Street, Carlton, VIC 3053
Tel  +61 (0)3 9347 8286 

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  1. Well described, lovely! I did fortell that I would regret leaving that little piece of cake uneaten....and I do! Cannot wait for our next food escapade! :)