Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dumpling Crazy At Din Tai Fung, CentralWorld, Bangkok

Din Tai Fung, Bangkok has a fairly large location on the 7th floor in CentralWorld. 

I have eaten at a Din Tai Fung restaurant before, in Sydney, Australia.  It was recommended by some friends who are a Sydney-siders who love food.  All I can say is, it was good!

Din Tai Fung in Bangkok has an open dumpling kitchen so patrons can watch the chefs making the dumplings whilst salivating.

For those who may not know, Din Tai Fung is in fact a Taiwanese dumpling restaurant.   Many people come for their 'xiao long bao' dumplings, which do in fact come from Shanghai and those passionate about these dumplings will tell you that only in Shanghai can you get the best xiao long bao.

Although I have been to Shanghai, unfortunately I have never eaten these wonderful dumplings there.  I was, but a mere backpacker at the time.

Nevertheless, we ordered half a dozen of these soup and meat dumplings (145 baht), half a dozen prawn and pork shao mai (close to 200 baht I think?), noodles with spicy minced beef, steamed pork soup (185 baht) and stir fry veggies (sorry folks, can't remember their chinese name ... terrible I know!).

The xiao long bao dumplings were hot, beautifully wrapped morsels.  The wrappers were just the right consistency, not too thin and not too thick. 

The prawn and pork shao mai looked liked beautiful little parcels.  The fanciest shao mai I have ever seen.  

Again they were hot, but a little difficult to eat.  I found myself biting the top part (the prawn) before then digging into the bottom.  The dumpling wrappers were a little thick and glutinous.  The mince pork had been well seasoned.

The noodles are dan dan noodles (spicy Sichuan noodles).  Being complete noodle freaks, we both really enjoyed these.  In fact, you may have noticed how much Thais in general, love noodles ....

The steamed pork soup was very tasty.  It wasn't overly salty at all which I loved.  The pork just fell off the bone.  Steamed pork soup is (for me at least) a comfort food and many who grew up with Chinese parents will readily know what I mean.

The stir fry veggies were also good. Lightly stir fried, they weren't greasy at all which was really very pleasant.

Staff are friendly, polite and well-trained.  Tea is constantly topped up, so no having to wait around trying to flag someone down.  If you're craving some good dumplings, then get yourself down to Din Tai Fung in CentralWorld.

By the time we finished, the place was full.  Just like in Sydney, people were queuing up to get in.  I'm glad we arrived here just before the mad lunch rush (midday) and I'd advise anyone who wants to avoid queuing to do the same. 

Din Tai Fung
7th Floor, CentralWorld Shopping Mall, Bangkok
Tel: 02-646-1282
Nearest BTS: Siam or Chidlom.  Follow the signed skywalk.

Daily 10am-10pm

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